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Hindi | 1 hr 17 min | Release Date Dec 17, 2011

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Sati, who is the daughter of Prajapati Daksh, finds a rudraksh while drawing water from river along with her sisters. Prajapati Daksh, an opposer of Lord Shiv, dares to place Vishnu's incomplete idol in the temple. Prajapati Daksh performs Narayani Yagna to please Lord Vishnu as the statue was not entering the temple.

When Shiva reveals himself in all his glory, Prajapati Daksh mocks him and claims he is superior. Shiva vows to destroy his arrogance. Daksh turns on Sati and blames her for the dishonour Shiva caused him. He asks her to choose between obedience to her father and her devotion to Shiva.

After announcing punishment for Sati, Prajapati Daksh decides to punish the sculptor who made the shivaling. He is unmoved even as his wife Prasuti pleads in Sati’s favour. Sati’s sisters are concerned that she may not be able to fulfil the conditions of her punishment.

Sati has to travel far to gather one lakh lotuses and write Vishnu’s name on them as part of her punishment. Meanwhile, the sculptors gather to beg Daksh’s forgiveness but he expels all of them from his kingdom. Saddened, they turn to leave, when Maharishi Dadichi arrives in the royal court.

Maharishi Dadhichi asks Prajapati Daksh not to be so cruel towards the sculptors. But Daksh asks him not to interfere in a king’s decisions. At this point, an exhausted Sati returns to the palace and faints. Is Prajapati Daksh moved by his daughter’s condition?

Sati’s sister Khyati pleads with Saptarishi Bhrigu to stop her father from punishing Sati further. Prasuti also tries to make Daksh change his mind. But the Prajapati vows revenge on Shiva for using Sati to humiliate him. Meanwhile, Sati has a vision that leaves her mesmerised.

Seeing Shiva's aura,Sati wakes up from a dream clueless about the hidden significance of it. A perplexed Sati shares about her dream with Aaditi unable to hide her curiosity.

Narad Muni arrives in the court of Prajapati Daksh, just as he announces that his literature will completely ignore Shiva. Narad Muni asks Sati about including Shiva in her father’s Vishnu sculpture.

Narad conveys the news from Daksh’s court to Shiva. Shiva is aware of Narad’s plan and says he cannot be tied down by Grihastha. Narad leaves, telling Nandi that Sati will change all that.

Sati is trapped in a forest during a storm. Thoughts of Shiva continue to trouble her. Agitated, she demands that Shiva should stop occupying her thoughts and declares that she will not let him conquer her or her father.

Sati stays at her task and everyone is concerned as her condition deteriorates. She refuses to give up, and Prajapati Daksh boasts that his daughter will always uphold his principles.

Sati begs her father’s forgiveness for Shiva’s name on the lotuses and asks him to give her a harsher punishment. But he forgives her and asks her to take over the arrangements of the spring festival.

Daksh is angry when he sees Nandi worshipping Sati. She, too, is surprised to learn that Nandi is Lord Shiva's vehicle. In Kailash, Nandi describes Devi Sati to Shiva. He tells Nandi about his Vairagya and that the Grihastha’s life is not for him.

Sati weeps before her father and wonders why Nandi and Shiva are pursuing her. Daksh tells her she must never fear anything, because she is the daughter of the all-powerful Prajapati. He decides to show her how even the five elements obey him.

Daksh convinces Sati that Shiva and his followers have been using her to try and get to the Prajapati, because he is all-powerful. Meanwhile in Kailash, Kan and Pret criticise Nandi for having brought the lotuses with Shiva’s name on them. Then, Sati finds a lotus in the palace garden.

Narad Muni reports to Shiva about the events in Prajapati Daksh’s kingdom. Daksh is planning a gathering of the Mahasabha and wants Chandrama to be present. Chandrama’s father Rishi Atri agrees that he should go. What role will Chandrama play in the union of Shiva and Sati?

Daksh announces his desire to destroy Shiva. In Kailash, Nandi goes running to tell Shiva that the sculptor community, descendants of Vishwakarma, have been thrown out by Daksh. Shiva gives them shelter. The sculptors thank Shiva but ask if he would protect Sati, too.

Daksh punishes the sculptor and his family. Laxmi is upset with Daksh for the punishment he has given Sati. Sati's sister expresses her concern about Sati fulfilling her promise.

Daksh announces his decision to invite Shiva to his Mahayagna. In Kailash, Nandi is distressed that every spring season, Shiva retires to the cremation grounds and goes into the ‘samadhi’ state. Narad Muni then explains to him why Shiva does what he does.

Narad Muni tells Nandi about Shakti’s connection to Shiva’s Samadhi state. Nandi wants to know if they will be reunited and Narad Muni assures him it will all be revealed in time. But Shiva fumes when Nandi asks him about Sati.

Narad Muni decides that it’s time for Shiva and Sati to meet. He creates a situation by singing so badly that a group of singers who are travelling to the Spring Festival lose consciousness. Narad then calls Shiva to come and save them. Will Shiva oblige?

Mahadev arrives on earth and sings a raga that revives the group of singers. Sati, who has gone to fetch water for the yagna, also hears the song and begins to dance. When Mahadev sees her stand before him, he vanishes. Narad Muni says his singing was for the betterment of the universe.

When Sati returns to the palace, the singers speak about the magic of Mahadev’s music. Sati confesses that it has had a great effect on her. Meanwhile, dancer Madanike is invited for the Vasant Utsav. She takes one look at Sati and makes a surprising deduction.

Madanike insists that Sati has fallen in love, which Sati denies. Meanwhile, Rishi Dadhichi reaches Kailash and extends an invitation for Daksh’s yagna. Mahadev turns him down, saying he has no need for the ways of Mahamandals. Will the rishis be able to change his mind?

Mahadev agrees to go to the Mahamandal and tells the rishis he will be entirely responsible for its outcome. Angered that Mahadev is attending the yagna, Shukracharya vows to take on the deities. Narad Muni asks Mahadev not to go to Daksh’s court. But Mahadev has an answer for him.

Placing his faith in Vishnu, Daksh assures the gods that he will protect them from Shukracharya’s army of asuras. Daksh asks Chandrama to ensure that the Vasant Utsav goes off well. In Kailash, Mahadev is again displeased with Nandi for talking about Sati.

The Asuras decide to attack the gods if the Mahamandal goes against them. During the Vasant Utsav, Sati sings the same melody she heard Mahadev sing in the forest. Madanike learns about Sati’s feelings and warns her of the consequences.

Madanike tells Sati that her love for Mahadev will be disastrous. Sati assures her that she knows the enmity between her father and Mahadev and will not do anything to make it worse. Meanwhile, Shilaad wants to take Nandi with him and Mahadev agrees, but Nandi does not want to leave Mahadev.

Nandi leaves Mahadev against his will. Shilaad comes back to Mahadev to tell him of Nandi’s condition. In Daksh’s palace, Sati is surprised to see Madanike worshipping a Shivaling. Madanike praises Mahadev’s virtues and speaks of her worries for Sati, who is caught between Daksh and Mahadev.

Mahadev makes Nandi special by ensuring that devotees will henceforth whisper their prayers in his ears and he will convey them to Mahadev. In Daksh’s palace, while Revati complains to her mother about being unhappy in her marriage to Chandrama, Sati sets out to go with Madanike to fetch colours.

Madanike sees a bad omen and doesn’t want to take Sati with her to Rangraj. When they are alone, Sati again tells her that she has no place for Shiva in her heart. But a storm separates them while they are walking through the forest. Prasuti then sends out a search party for Sati.

At the time when two seasons meet, the demon Vrittasura unleashes a terrible storm and Sati, who is separated from Madanike, is caught in it. That is when Shiva himself comes to protect Sati from Vrittasura. Rishi Dadhichi and the sculptors also witness the magnificent power of Mahadev.

While Shiva is deep in trance, he is troubled by thoughts of Sati. She too is lost in Mahadev’s thoughts. Sati looks forward to the Mahamandal, longing to see Mahadev. Meanwhile, Indra tells Daksh that Shukracharya and his army is heading for the Mahamandal.

Smeared with ash, draped in animal hide, sitting atop a rock in the shamshan and drinking bhang (Mahadev’s Prasad), Mahadev is absorbed in his meditation amongst the Aghori ascetics.

Fearing the results of her love for Mahadev, Madanike scolds Sati. Sati says she cannot help her feelings for Shiva. Although worried, Madanike agrees to stand by her side. Rishi Dadhichi prepares a special place for Mahadev in the Mahamandal. Restless to meet Shiva again, Sati heads for Kailash.

Shiva is angry when he sees Sati in Kailash and forces her to return. Sati goes back saddened that he has refused her love. Meanwhile, Shukracharya believes that Shiva is on the side of the gods since he is going to the Mahamandal and he prepares his army for war.

Undeterred by Mahadev's rejection, Sati ascertains Madanike about bringing the Mahayogi out of his Vairagya. Preparing for Shaalimar and Tulsi's marriage, enamoured by Mahadev's love, Sati sees Shivaling in place of Shaalimar.

As Mahadev approaches his seat, Daksh has it pulled away and destroyed. He continues to insult Shiva. He declares that Shiva’s Vairagya is against the principles of his reign. He then unleashes a terrible curse on Mahadev. It angers Shukracharya, who declares vengeance for the insult to Mahadev.

Mahadev is unaffected by Daksh’s curse that no one in his kingdom will worship him. Daksh sends written instructions to Sati and leaves for Brahma Lok. Sati is torn between her devotion for Mahadev and her loyalty to her parents. Later, Madanike asks her a question that leaves her speechless.

Just as Sati prepares to open her heart to her father, she is shocked by his letter, in which he threatens to go to any length to keep Mahadev out of her life. In Kailash, Narad Muni asks Mahadev why he does not accept Sati, with whom he has been united since the beginning of time. What is Mahadev’s answer?

Deeply upset, Sati tries to understand her mother’s feelings about her devotion to Mahadev. In Brahma Lok, Brahma tells his son Daksh that the union between Shiva and Sati has already been decided. But an arrogant Daksh vows to change that destiny with his powers.

Sati’s love for Mahadev keeps growing. She decides to seek out Rishi Dadhichi, who led her to Mahadev in the first place, and ask him to explain to her what is happening in her life. The Rishi tells her the moment for her to accept her destiny has come. The Rudraksha she first found holds the key.

Rishi Dadhichi asks Sati to touch the Shivaling which will end all the conflict in her mind. She obeys and finds that all her doubts and questions are answered. Brahma goes to Mahadev and asks him not to punish Sati for Daksh’s mistakes.

Prasuti scolds Madanike for encouraging Sati’s devotion to Mahadev. Sati decides to dance until Mahadev joins her. They dance in union, before he disappears. When Daksh arrives on the scene, Sati is still dancing for Mahadev. Sati later faints.

Sati faints on an image of Shiva drawn with colours. Daksh is furious and blames Madanike for everything and decides to punish him. In Kailash, Narad Muni continues with his efforts to make Mahadev accept Sati. Meanwhile, Rishi Kashyap makes a terrible prediction.

Rishi Kashyap informs Daksh that Sati has entered the Yoga Nidra state, after she and Mahadev danced together. He says she can only be awakened by Mahadev’s touch. Daksh refuses the solution and announces that he will give half his kingdom and powers to anyone who can awaken Sati.

Rishi Dadhichi and Kashyap find Mahadev in Yoga Nidra Samadhi. Nandi warns of trouble if they attempt to wake him. The Rishis are confused about what to do with Mahadev. Meanwhile, Daksh summons the Navagrahas, the nine planets, to awaken Sati; will they be successful?

Sati begins to show signs of slipping into Chir Yoga Nidra, from which she can never wake up. An arrogant Daksh believes he can revive Sati and begins to summon all his powers. Meanwhile, Mahadev emerges from his Samadhi and comes to Sati.

Sati is woken by Mahadev’s touch and is overjoyed to see him. But he asks her not to go against her father’s wishes. Sati explains to her mother that Shiva had only come to save Daksh from losing his kingdom. Prasuti responds angrily and asks Sati to first throw Shiva out of her heart.

Prasuti accuses Madanike of being disloyal to the family. Daksh also says that what she’s done cannot be pardoned. Sati manages to hand over the Shivaling to Madanike and pleads with her parents to stop Madanike from leaving. But they are unmoved.

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Devon Ke Dev... Mahadev FAQ's

The release date of Devon Ke Dev... Mahadev is Dec 17, 2011.

Devon Ke Dev... Mahadev scores a 9.44 digit binge rating out of 10 and is a brilliant show to watch.

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The star cast of Devon Ke Dev... Mahadev are : Mohit Raina, Mouni Roy, Saurabh Raj Jain, Sonarika Bhadoria, Darshan Kumaar, Falaq Nazz, Radha Krishna Dutt and Surendra Pal.

Devon Ke Dev... Mahadev is directed by Delphine Lehericey, Yves Hinant and Eric Cardot.

This show is available in Hindi language.

This show is available in Drama genre.