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Malgudi Days

Drama | Family

Hindi | Release Date Mar 16, 1987

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Malgudi Days Season and Episode Details

Season 1

In episode 1 of Malgudi Days, meet Swami, a nine-year-old son of a traditional Hindu Lawyer, studying in a Mission School. His best friends are Somu, Shankar and Mani. Rajam joins their class and is admired by everyone. But, Mani hates Rajam and wants to humble him.

In episode 2 of Malgudi Days, Swami's father insists that he prepares well for his exams. Swami's friends make fun of him when he invites Rajam to his house. This results in a quarrel between Swami and Mutter. Things take a turn when they receive an invitation from Rajam.

In episode 3 of Malgudi Days, with just a week left for the examination, a confused Mani tries to get the clerk's help. The children finish the exam and are happy as they have two months of holidays. But, Swami’s father tells him to study the lessons of next year’s syllabus.

In episode 4 of Malgudi Days, Swami wishes to play the hoop and asks a cartman for a spare cycle wheel. The greedy cartman manages to cheat Swami, who plans a revenge. Will his plan work?

In episode 5 of Malgudi Days, after listening to a speech, Swami is possessed by the patriotic fever to liberate India from the British. He joins some protesters and throws stones at the principal’s window. On being punished for his deed, he decides to never go back to that school.

In episode 6 of Malgudi Days, Swami finds his new school scarier, with a lot of homework and the drill class, which interferes with his new found passion, Cricket. Swami and his friends start a cricket team named, Malgudi Cricket Club, and challenges the Young Man’s Union cricket team for a match.

In episode 7 of Malgudi Days, with only a week left for the match, Swami could not come to the practice on time due to the drill class. After his attempts to make more time for cricket fails, he grumbles all the way and gets lost in a forest.

In episode 8 of Malgudi Days, a cartman finds Swami and takes him to the forest officer. Rajam’s team loses the match and Swami is blamed for it. Swami learns that Rajam will leave Malgudi the next day, following his father's transfer.

In episode 9 of Malgudi Days, meet Jagan, a sweetmeat shop owner, is a strict follower of Gandhian principles. Jagan is in for a shock when Mali, his son, decides to discontinue his education.

In episode 10 of Malgudi Days, Jagan recollects his wife's memories. Mali tells his friends about his decision to fly to America. Jagan learns about Mali's decision to become a writer. He is eager to know about Mali’s plans and enquires him about the same.

In episode 11 of Malgudi Days, Jagan is disturbed after reading Mali's letter, in which he compares life in America and Malgudi. He also learns about Mali's marriage and his decision to return to India. Jagan recollects the day he first met his wife.

In episode 12 of Malgudi Days, Mali returns to India and introduces his wife, Grace to Jagan. Mali avoids Jagan. Jagan develops an affection for his daughter-in-law even though she is an American. He shares the stories from his good old days with her.

In episode 13 of Malgudi Days, Grace tells Jagan about her education and tells him how she met Mali. Jagan tells Grace about the abolition of untouchability in India. Mali discusses his plan to start a factory with Jagan.

In episode 14 of Malgudi Days, Jagan is disappointed when Mali tells him that he doesn't want to become a sweet seller like him. Later, Jagan decides to make fewer sweets a day. Why?

In episode 15 of Malgudi Days, Mali is angry with Jagan for his lack of interest in his proposal of starting a factory. He plans to send Grace back to her country.

In episode 16 of Malgudi Days, Jagan intends to get Mali and Grace married according to Hindu customs and rituals. Will Mali agree to this?

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Malgudi Days FAQ's

The release date of Malgudi Days is Mar 16, 1987.

Malgudi Days scores a 9.52 digit binge rating out of 10 and is a brilliant show to watch.

Malgudi Days and Malgudi Days Swami & Friends 1 are the popular shows of Shankar Nag.

The star cast of Malgudi Days are : Master Manjunath.

Malgudi Days is directed by Shankar Nag.

You can watch Malgudi Days online on Hotstar.

This show is available in Hindi language.

This show is available in Drama and Family genres.